Going vegan and staying motivated with local resident Chris Vaughn; Plus “Lion Lights,” Thailand and the ivory trade, and more

Going vegan and staying motivated with local resident Chris Vaughn

In this episode, local Bend resident Chris Vaughn shares his transformation story with us: He tells us how he’s gained energy and greatly improved his health by going vegan, and talks about what motivates him to stay vegan.

We also discuss some innovative methods that ranchers around the world are using to protect both their herds and endangered wildlife, including “Lion Lights,” an invention by a 13-year-old Kenyan boy. Plus, we bring you some good news from the Thai prime minister, who has pledged to end the ivory trade in his country, the 2nd biggest market for illicit elephant tusks.

And, of course, we highlight other News from the Vegan Frontier, let you know about vegan related happenings in and around Central Oregon, and more.

All Things Vegan airs on KPOV, Bend Community Radio.

Listen to the March 12, 2013 show. For complete show notes, see All Things Vegan Radio.

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