Kitchen Activism: Jen Molica is not really That PITA Vegan; Christy Morgan & her spiritual path towards vegan macrobiotic cooking & Blissful Bites

In today’s food-focused show, we reminisce about our favorite vegan Thanksgiving foods. We also bring you a couple of interviews from Vida Vegan Con, a vegan bloggers conference that we attended in Portland in August 2011. We talk with Jen Molica, of the That Pain in the Ass Vegan blog, about how she used her art degree and creative cooking skills to win a contest that sent her to VidaVeganCon , food blogging, feeding her family on a budget, and how not to be that pain in the ass vegan. We also sit down with Christy Morgan, the Blissful Chef, to hear all about her unique combination of vegan and macrobiotic cooking, beautifully demonstrated in her new cookbook, Blissful Bites: Vegan Meals That Nourish Mind, Body, and Planet.

All Things Vegan airs on KPOV, Bend Community Radio.

Listen to the November 8, 2011 show. For complete show notes, see All Things Vegan Radio.

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