Canada Goose poop on your shoes or blood on your hands? Plus: Cost of Freedom, and Lost Dogs, part 2 ~ June 14, 2011 ~ All Things Vegan

We talk with local naturalist and wildlife conservationist Marilyn Miller about the lethal methods of Canada Goose population control that were used last year by Bend Park and Recreation District. Marilyn discusses ways to reduce the resident population without resorting to killing more geese, and explains why killing geese is never going to resolve the poop problem in our city parks. She has been working with the local citizen’s group Goose Watch Alliance, to stop another gassing of Canada Geese this summer in Drake Park.

Did you know that 10 non-target species are trapped for every targeted species? Most of these animals are maimed or fatally wounded. Documentary filmmaker Vanessa Schulz shares this and other disturbing facts with us about the trapping industry. We discuss the government agency, Wildlife Services (formerly Animal Damage Control), an agency with the primary purpose of killing 4 million wild animals a year with taxpayer dollars on public lands. Vanessa also gives us an update on her film in progress, “Lost Dogs,” which uncovers the epidemic problem of Chile’s homeless pet population and explores the extraordinary lives of street dogs and the activists who risk everything they have to protect the dogs. In this episode, we air Part 2 of our interview with Vanessa. Part 1 aired May 12.

All Things Vegan airs on KPOV, Bend Community Radio.

Listen to the June 14, 2011 show. For complete show notes, see All Things Vegan Radio.

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